Why move to NYC for [weight loss]?

The lifestyle we choose has a direct impact on our weight. For example, most travelers are healthy and fit because of the lifestyle they choose and the activity they get involved in.

New York City is a busy city. People rely on public transportation mostly. You have to get involved in a lot of physical activity in the city. People walk most of the time and don’t even own their personal car. There’s no doubt that living in New York City is expensive but some people wanting to lose weight, it might actually be a good idea to move to New York. Moving to New York has helped some people actually lose their weight.

Public transportation NYC

Taking public transportation is the easiest and the fastest way to go anywhere. You may actually get stuck in traffic if you take your own personal car in New York City. These things will force you to struggle a little, walk a little more and get involved in physical activity. On top, parking is really expensive in New York City(especially Manhattan). Unless you are really rich, you won’t be willing to spend so much of your money just for parking.

Why is it good? When you give up on your car, either you will be walking or you will be taking a public transportation. Also, New York City sounds like a really cool city. The city that never sleeps. Maybe you should consider moving to New York if you want to lose weight and if you think you won’t have any problem moving out to the city. You can certainly give it a try if you can. If you ask me if I would move to New York? Yes, certainly, if it wasn’t so expensive.

Let us know in the comment below about what you think? Or have you had past experience about the impact of changing your lifestyle on weight loss? Stay tuned, subscribe for more. Come back, we have a lot to offer.


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