Try avoiding these foods [belly fat]

When it comes to your belly fat, there are lots of food that you can avoid in order to prevent it. Most of us think that we are eating all the right food, but where are we missing out?

Try cutting off the following food from your diet to prevent storing fat in your belly.

  1. Soda or even diet coke or alcohol
  2. Whole milk (get fat free milk to lose belly fat)

    Avoid whole milk.
  3. Cheese

    No to cheese.
  4. Processed food

    They are actually really unhealthy.
  5. Fast food

    Fast food are unhealthy too.
  6. Potato chips, french fires
  7. White rice, white bread or white pasta
  8. Normal juice (Try getting 100% juices, they don’t have extra added sugar)

    Try getting 100% juices.
  9. Junk food or store foodpack-1549266_1920
  10. Baked goods.cake-1971552_1920
  11. Trans-fat. (Check ingredients before you buy).

    Fast food contains trans-fat mostly.
  12. Soy sauce

    You didn’t expect that?


Fact: – Green tea helps you lose weight.

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