Why do you fail?

One of the reasons you fail is because you quit too fast.

Sometimes, in life, we know what we have to do to achieve our goals, but we still fail. Mostly, because we don’t put enough effort as we should. It’s easy for us to complain, why we can’t achieve our goals. We know what we have to do to lose weight. We know what we have to do to get the body we desire. We get bullied but still choose to live by it just because we can’t get going. Ask yourself, what is it that you really want. Ask yourself is that all you got? How far can you go? Get out. Go for jogging. Listen to a single voice. The voice that’s begging you to do something about your situation. Ignore the one that decides to quit. Nobody said it was easy. Each day counts. So, don’t waste the time you can utilize. You are stronger than you think. You just need a thing called motivation. Remember, you don’t crave food, you crave your achievement. You just forgot what you want for yourself. Let me remind you, you can achieve whatever you want. Build up your stamina. Look up to your role model. It’s up to you. So choose not to quit.

This is one of my favorites motivational video. You won’t regret watching it. It’s worth it. 

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