The food that you can eat before bedtime.

While you may think that sleep doesn’t have to relate to your weight, then you are wrong. The amount of sleep you take is linked to your body size. If you don’t get enough sleep, you feel more hungry. There’s a lot of consequences. The sensitivity of insulin drops and your body doesn’t respond to it properly. As a result, you body experiences trouble processing fats from the brainstem and ends up storing them as fat. So, a good night sleep is really important for losing your weight than you might think.

Sometimes, the food we eat before bed also impacts a lot on our body weight gain or loss. If you eat the food that stores fat and carbohydrates before bed, your are just shedding them in your belly. You aren’t physically active during night time. The food that the body used for your physical activity now stops and starts storing them when you sleep.

While some foods are good for your health before bedtime. If you are having truoble sleeping and often feel hungry before bed time, you can try these, but don’t forget to limit how much you eat.

  1. A bowl of cereal

    A bowl of cereal.
  2. Carrots

  3. A banana

    A banana
  4. Nuts + dried fruits

    Nuts + Dried food
  5. Not fat yogurt

    Non-fat Yogurt.

Keep in mind the snacks shouldn’t be more than 200 calories. These are just the right food for you to have a good night sleep. These won’t mess up with your hormones or sleep patterns.

Also, try to avoid caffeine and coffee before bed. Drinking a glass of water before bed won’t do bad.

These diets will be just right for you. If you have any questions or concern you can leave a comment below or contact us. Our community was really built to reach people. Come back to us, we will be posting amazing kinds of stuff everyday. 5 minutes of your time everyday will make you aware of your health for yourself and your family. Stay tuned with us. 🙂 


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